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Default Issue with Security system? Affecting Radio??? HELP!!!

Okay so here is the basics of what happened it is a mess and I dont know where to start to figure it out!!

I have a 99 Saturn SL1 I took it to the store about a month or so ago and left it running while i ran inside. When i came back out the car had died and when I tried to start it nothing happened, no dash lights or indicators, no click, no attempt at turning , nothing not even the smallest noise! We towed it home and my husband who is usually able to fix most anything I break Could not figure out what the problem was. He tried taking out the battery and letting the car sit and the other various "reset" instructions he found online...It basically amounted to him determining it was an issue with the security system. I can start my car now but only by holding the Unlock button down while turning the ignition if I press the unlock button while the car is running it beeps and locks itself right back. We have checked behind the door pannel and the lock/unlock mechanisms are rocking fine and are not worn out?? Now also at the very same time my radio seemed to burn out...I went a
nd purchased a new stock plug n play radio for my vehicle. We brought it home and installed it well it has power but the display will not light up and all i am recieving is static...Except when I start the vehicle and the radio is on...When I hit the unlock button while the radio is plugged in and turned on the display lights up and i get a flicker of sound then as soon as it is there it is gone again..

PLEASE SOMEBODY, ANYBODY HELP!!!!! I can deal with hitting the unlock button to start my car but I dont think I will make it another day in a silent car!!! I have started singing to myself to keep me occupied lol and trust me it is not pretty at all!!!!!!!!!:grinno:

Thanks So Much

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Did you ever figure out what was causing these problems?
Thank you
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