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Unhappy Starting problems with a 2000 LS1

This one has me stumped. I'll bring you up to date about the problem and the testing I have done so far and am hoping someone can help me out a bit further.

Its a 2000 LS1 with a 2.2. Was running fine and then my wife told me it seemed it was losing power while driving....felt sluggish. So I drove it and found that unless it was kept in the higher RPM range it had no power. I also noticed that it sounded louder. What I mean is like it all of a sudden had a small hole in the exhaust near the engine.

Finally the "service engine" light came on, so I stopped and had the code read. All they said was it indicated it was running rich. I parked it and it will turn over freely but will not start.

So far this is what I have done

Fuel Side:
It has gas. I checked the fuel rail and there was pressure. I let the pressure off and cranked it again and the pressure built back up. So the fuel pump is fine. Also with the plugs out you can see the fuel/air vapor coming from the cyclinders.

Spark side:
Pulled the coil assembly, cranked it and had spark from all the coil. Put the boots on and the plugs (while out of the car), cranked it and had spark at all of the plugs. They are new plugs and I have rechecked the gap.

All fuses have been checked and we even tried the extra keys. There is no security light staying on.

The reason I mentioned earlier about the exhaust was I was told by a mechanic that he had a case where the symptoms were close to this and he found a clogged converter. Could this be it? Where it is at I cannot safely jack it up but am having it moved this evening and will be able to do this.

Any other ideas would be very, very helpful!



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Welcome to the Board.

The actual code numbers are always best.

Plugged cat converter would tend to give a lack of power at higher RPM/speeds as the exhaust would not be able to get out properly.

I thought perhaps a plugged fuel filter but that would again give a lack of power at higher RPM as the fuel flow would be restricted.

It would be worth while checking the fuel pressure with the engine running.

The exhaust noise may be worth checking. If the leak is at the right area it could be causing skewed O2 sensor readings.
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