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Post L-series brakes

When I bought my '03 L200 in August 2014, the front brakes were pulsing a bit. By January 2015 the pulsing had become really obnoxious, and I had my garage replace pads and rotors.

After a few months the brakes began pulsing again, although not as badly as before. The garage did the pads and rotors again, under warranty.

Several months later, same story. I procrastinated on getting the brakes done again, but I finally took the car in this past spring. My mechanic said that if I was willing to pay for better pads and rotors, they could credit the price of the old ones against the price of the new ones. I was OK with that.

They installed Brembo rotors and Akebono pads. So far, so good. They can be a bit noisy sometimes, but this wouldn't be my first set of noisy brakes, and it beats pulsing!

2003 L200 sedan, pewter metallic
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A shop offers pads and rotors of even lower quality than the warped ones on your car (prob autozone), Not knowing their parts quality, You pay for them, (replacement 1), they immediately warp, (replacement 2) so quickly they are in fact still under warranty and are replaced as such.

Then a birdie whispers in your ear " buy these premium brakes and we'll credit you for the **** we put on your car last time, and we'll give you a credit for the **** rotors".

The classic win win upsell.
----You get overkill high performance brakes and rotors that don't get as hot, when all you really needed was a decent quality normal rotor or a diag of your brake system -- to treat the cause if one can be found

----They make many $$ on the parts markup.

Remember -- there are always additional options to the ones you are presented.......
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