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Default CEL for engine misfire

I had changed my spark plugs because of the check engine light along with the cables but the light and code won't go away. I don't feel any misfiring or notice any drops in power. A mechanic suggested that it could be the coil pack or packs. The specific fault code refers to the cam sensor, which it doesn't have. What do you guys think?

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The car has also been sitting for six months and didn't have this problem before it sat.
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P0341 codes are a sign of general ignition issues.

You should bee using
1) stock NGK copper plugs -- no platinum or iridium -- ignition system not designed for them

2) Stock Saturn plug wires. If your old ones meet the minimum resistance spec and the ends are not loose, put them back on to replace the aftermarket crap you replaced them with

3) A very thin film of corrosion can build up on the coil terminals, especially if they are not being heated up on a regular basis. Take a piece of fine sandpaper and go over each coil pack terminal post to remove the layer as best you can. Be thorough. Also try to do the same to the connectors of the plug wires that attach to the coilss.

4) If a coil was the problem, the car would throw P030x codes for specific misfires or P0300 for random misfires. But they would be misfires as determined by the PCM. And these S cars do NOT miss coding for the misfires. So I doubt this is a coil issue. They usually don't go bad sitting on the shelf.

5) Take the car to autozone or similar and get the charging system load tested for free. Your alternator may not be putting out enough current.

6) Clean the throttle body and runs some stp gas treatment trough the fuel system

7) When you removed the old plugs, were they oil fouled?
What does the car idle and when warmed up?
9) What the hell is the car? 92 SL? 99SL2? How many miles?
10) Did you run any bad gas in it?
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1) I couldnt get a hold of NGK spark plugs and got auto lite so I got Auto Lite coppers.

2) I threw the old ones away assuming they would be bad. I replaced them with Duralast wires.

3) I used steel wool on the terminals, is that good enough?

5) I'll look into that

6) I should also look into that

7) They didnt appear to be oil fouled, just a bit burnt looking on the metal

About 730-760 RPM

9) It is a 2002 SL1 with 152k miles on it.

10) And i suppose I could be running bad gas through it as the gas in it has been in there since December 8th of 2016

Also the issue went away after I drove it a few blocks to my local mechanic but came back after I started my car a few minutes ago.

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