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Question question

Just bought the car, seems like its shifting in the higher rpm's. I believe its stuck in the 'performance' mode... it does so in 'normal' also. The light by the switch comes on / off but no other difference can be felt. Just wondering what you guys think it might be?

could it be that cooler sensor that's stickied in the 'how to' section?

its like most 4 cylinders, when the engine is cold...they'll rev higher even when cruising to warm up the engine.

i noticed it was stuck at 3000 rpm's at a steady 75mph. it's about that at constant speeds in city also.


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The differences can be felt at high rpms and heavy throttle.

Yes replace the ECTS.

3K is slightly lower for 75mph assuming DOHC engine and tranny combo
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My wife and I have owned four Saturn SL-1s.We are driving numbers 3 and 4 at present.I can't remember ever going over 80 MPH in any of them.I guess I got all of that out of my system when I owned a Z-28 Camaro. It would do 125 MPH and not a bit more. I had real dual exhausts with headers and a few other things. It got to 125 pretty fast too. I noticed in my 95 SL-1 a while back that the weld on the top of the strut column on the driver side was cracked a little...kinda like Bondo peeling off a bad body job. I don't see any reason to try and load test this I drive around the speed limit all of the time.
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my 1993 saturn sl2 has been at 120 and i had to slow dawn would prolly go much faster nd it was n perf mode and it has 418315 miles on it still runs lk a champ is offline   Reply With Quote
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Sorry to dig up an old thread but is the perf switch just an option and a different trans? Or can it be retro fitted to any existing saturn auto trans?
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