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Default 2004 ION QC factory wheels

I have a bent wheel on my 2004 ion qc. I have just the plain factory wheels with the plastic hubcaps over it. Where can I get a new wheel at? When the dealer found my bend wheel, they said it would be $120 to get a new one. I find that WAY overpriced considering i can get alumnim wheels off of ebay for 40 bucks a pop. Any ideas? A used one would be just fine. I tried searching on google for anything i could think to try to find one of these wheels and i just cant find one. All i can find our the nicer rims. I even tried ebay, no luck. I even checked the completed auctions to see if anyone had sold any. No luck.


heres a pic of my wheel so you can get a better idea of what i have if the description above is not good enough:

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even though i'm kinda against it..

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Some wheel stores in my local area have a system. If you trade in factory alloys, you can get a price reduction on their wheels.

I suppose they have the factory alloys for sale...

Also, we have a store called Hubcap World, and they have tons of factory wheels salvaged from cars.

I suppose similar stores may exist in your area.
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