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Jeremy Holleman
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Default 92 SL2 ignition lock cylinder won't go back in

My 92 SL2 had been ringing as if the lights were still on when I took the keys out, so I decided to replace the ignition switch. I got everything taken apart (steering wheel off, instrument bezel, ...) and replaced the switch, but now I'm stuck.

One of the things I needed to remove was the ignition lock cylinder and I can't get it to go back in. The instructions were to put the key to the "ACC" position, press this metal tab and it just slides out. I had to jiggle the steering wheel some to get it to come out, but the removal part basically worked fine. Now when I try to put it back in, it stops about 1/2" short of where it needs to be to re-engage the metal tab that I pressed to pull it out.

I've got the key in the ACC position. Looking into the steering column where the lock cylinder goes, there's a metal shaft that the key turns, which then turns the ignition switch, and it seems that this shaft is rotated slightly from where it needs to be to mate up with the lock cylinder. I also bought a new lock cylinder, because I figured I might as well replace it in case it was part of the original problem. The new one also won't go back in, and stops at exactly the same spot.

So does anyone have any idea how to get the ignition lock cylinder back in? Thanks.

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Default Same problem

I had the same problem with my 98 Chrylser and was wondering what you did to correct the problem.
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Jeremy Holleman
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I wound up having to open up the steering column and unset the latch that was preventing the lock cylinder from going back in. Here is a description of how someone did it on a Saturn.

Steering Wheel Lock Does Not Return to ACC - SaturnFans Forums

This did not quite work for me, and I had to use a drill and a screw extractor to pull out one of the bolts. After that, it was pretty easy to unset the latch and get the whole thing back together.
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