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Default 02 saturn sl suddenly won't start

Went out to start my 02 Saturn SL DOHC and it sort of burped and will not start up. Turns over freely and every once in a while, it sounds like it will fire but doesn't. Fuel pump turns on and I pumped the gas pedal a few times and I smell gas. Replaced the timing belt, gears @ 20k miles back. Car has @94 k miles on it. No warning with this issue....has been running great. Please advise if someone has a solution. This is my first time using a forum....looking forward to it!

UPDATE- unhooked the battery for a while....still would not start, put some Ether in the air cleaner box....started up? Will take to a mecjanic to see whats up....still would love some advice- Thanks

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Posted on your Other thread
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did you check the spark plugs?
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sounds like the fuel pump isn't putting out enough or the filter is clogged
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