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Question '91 Saturn Codes... How do i fix this mess

Ok, my poor lil saturn has not been it's lil self over the last 2 month. The service eng light soon came on about the same time. Upon talking to the saturn shop they told me at first "nothing to worry about, the light is just letting you know it is past an oil change" yeah right. so yesturday i borrowed a friends Code reader and come to find out it spit out a few. Now with the info i am a lil at my wits ends, did some research online but cant seem to find and definet help to fix any or all of the problems'
here are the code's it spit out, please let me know if you can help me n my lil saturn.....
32- EGR system problem
26 Quad driver module failure
73 Info flag coolant temp unstabel
53 info flag ESC exeded max volume
with what i was abel to find online, i know that all could be conected, so one problem could have set off everything. but i have no idea where to start. dont want to tear my whole car apart and replacing everything under the hood. so if you know anything about this, please throw some info my way...

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i had the coolant one and i replaced the sensor and that seemed to fix that problem for now atleast.
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Welcome to the Board.

Good chance that the EGR valve solenoid is bad. Gives the code 26 and 32.
The PCM coolant temp sensor and connector are lekely bad as well. Code 73.
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document codes, clear all codes then start vehicle and observe the coolant gauge should be half way between cold and hot normal operating temp. if it reads a 1/4 and not half way then you need to check the coolant sensor or the thermostat. by not reaching operating temperatures computer can not run tests on those systems which sets the codes.
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