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Default I hate my employer

ok, so Ive held this in long enuff. and be for I even start. Id like to say I am very happy to HAVE a job right now. let alone I have 2 jobs to be specific. and the feelings and expressions Im about to unleash are just anger or upper managment and the lack of careing for it's employees.. so with that said I will try and use my inside voice and really, really try not to swear..
breath in , and out..

Ok here we go..
wel lI have worked at this "dealership" for about a grand total of . . 15 years. I started out as the car washer "hydro tech" to be exact. and over those years I got to help work on saturns. and because of the simplicity of them I fell in love with them. over the years I got to assist in more and more work helping the techs. with oil changes then tires, alignments. and I moved my way up to engine diag. and repair. by my 3rd year I was aligning the bosses car. I left the company for about 1 1/2 years. but was able to come back. and I went right into the same steps. after that 1 year I had rebuilt both engines and trannys. and I also had purchessed my first saturn "aka jonny rocket" and I rebuilt the engine and trans. the higher ups decided to make me a tech. so I was happy I went and got my inspection and emission licences. and I got a small raise. well that was 6 years agoe. and low and behold I am still making the same ammount. "here comes the ranting part"
I am very unhappy. due to the cost of living ahs gone up 2x, and the owner has bought a nice new huge house, and a 30,000 car. but wher he is asked if we could have a riase. he get all red faced and says it's just not in the budget.. I am thinking thats BS. we had to shut down 3 stores, and from what I understand. saturn gave them a nice settelment for having to close those stores. so there was a lot of ppl that lost theyer jobs. once again sry we can't "afford " raises...... and then we became a different franchize here at the store I am working at. and the owner was given a huge signing bonuse for doing so. "still no raise !" so I am at this point balistic. and sick of the sh*#, lies of well we don't have the money. well. let me tell you maby if you didnt buy that $200,000 custom made bently. maby youd have the money for the employees that stuck it out thru thick and thin.. sigh,
I rember when I first came to satu n it was a GREAT place to work, everyone was friendly, it was a blast to work here we did goupe outings at hershey park, and christmas partys. etc. but NOW we don't do squat. I no longer get that happy feeling. I no longer look at ppl and proudly say I work for *$%#@%. We lost our lead tech, who has been with the company for some 30 years due to theyer pay ignorence. and when they said ok well give you a raise "after he told them he was quiting" it was for a dollar more. that was like spitting in his face. he now works for bmw, and loves it there. another seasoned tech thats been here since he was a asep kid. 25+ years. has left over $$ as well. oh it dosent stop there, both detailers, adn the car wash kid are leaving too $$$. it's now that hard to understand. If your employees are happy you will get great work done... but if you claim that you don't have the money to give them since times are tough. don't come in here braging about your new bigger house ytou just got. adn drive in your nice new CORVETT.... I mean seriously. your a di*&, for doing so. oh, and it's sad that I had to get a second job, and I make just 60 cents less than my full time job...
wow. I get paid to make your car safe and runn great, so you can go to work, take the kids to school. and I get paid CRAP.
But I can sell you a digital camera, and make almost the same ammount. I'm sorry if that seems a little f*$#d up to me.... but oh well this is why I have joined the search to find new employment. I am tired of being lied to aobut "we have no money" well no **** STOP spending it !!!!!! you stupid prick. oh well. I myself think this "new" dealership will flop we arnt selling anything.... heck we service more of our old customers, "Saturns" then what weve become... bad move there..... stupid....well enjoy your nice big house. mean while I struggle to pay for mine you panty waste, worthless p.o.s. bastard....
ok I feel a little better now. I think I am going to go apply at bobby rahul toyota, I saw they have a tech slot open.. "oh and the funny part" we lost 2 sales cunsultents to them already muahahaha....... I will always be satun. and thats that. I am still on here tons a day. so I will be around. and john... piss off...
thanks for letting me make this section saturn spot. .I have been using it the most I feel... lol


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spoc pa prez.

ex-saturn mechanic.
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