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Default S-Series 1/4 Mile Times.

Since this question has been asked numerous times, and I know when I first got into Saturns it was one of the questions I had in mind...

Here is what mainly stock Saturns run in the quarter-mile.

Well folks, here we go...

At the bare minimum, tell us what sort of car you've got, what type of transmission, what mods were done, and what your best quarter-mile time was. If you've only got an eighth-mile time, go ahead and inform us of that. If you'd like to post up the whole time slip, you're more than welcome to. The more information available, the better.

Here's my entry...

1997 SC2, five-speed (MP3). At Firebird Int'l Raceway (Phoenix).
-2.5" crush-bent/2.25" mandrel-bent cat-back exhaust to two fart-can mufflers.
-Removed intake resonator, stock airbox and filter.
-Twistec style motor mounts, stock TAM.
-All runs were made with full interior, spare tire, and stuff in the backseat (extra oil/coolant, small toolkit, etc...), just as I'd be in everyday driving conditions. With around 1/4 tank of gas too...

R/T: .698
60': 2.425
330: 6.850
1/8: 10.473
MPH: 67.16
1000: 13.586
*1/4: 16.253 (Best 1/4 Time)
MPH: 84.75

R/T: .471
60': 2.624
330: 7.000
1/8: 10.612
MPH: 67.29
1000: 13.711
1/4: 16.358
*MPH: 85.98 (Fastest MPH)

Averages over 10 runs:
Average R/T: .477
Average 1/8: 10.668
Average MPH: 67.55
Average 1/4: 16.425
Average MPH: 85.19

2001 SC2, five-speed (MP3). At Firebird Int'l Raceway (Phoenix).
-Baldy's prothane dogbone mounts, stock TAM.
-"dr. speeedy" cold air intake.
-All runs were made with approximately 120 pounds of stereo equipment in the trunk, over half a tank of gas, a small toolkit, spare tire, and jack.

Best 1/4 Run:

R/T: 0.452
60': 2.635
330': 7.189
1/8: 10.915
1/8 MPH: 65.93
1000': 14.112
1/4: 16.848
1/4 MPH: 82.44

Out Of 14 Runs:

Best R/T: 0.128
Best 60': 2.562
Best 1/4: 16.848
Best 1/4 MPH: 83.78

Average R/T: 0.459
Average 60': 2.669
Average 1/4: 17.035
Average 1/4 MPH: 81.95

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2001 Saturn SL2, auto (MP7). At Houston Raceway Park.
-OBX header, Magnaflow cat, cat-back exhaust.
-MSD coils, Denso plugs, 9.3mm wires.
-Ported/Polished throttle body.
-Prothane motor mount inserts.
-Full interior with spare tire, half tank of gas and about 200lbs of junk in the trunk (weights, jack, books, etc.).

Best 1/4: 17.3.
2001 Saturn SL2
OBX header, Magnaflow cat, ebay muffler
MSD coils, 9.3mm wires
Ported/Polished TB, WAI
Prothane motor mount inserts
Still slow.
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1999 SL1, auto (MP6).
-Another person in the car, full tank of gas, and my stereo.

Best 1/4: 17.8.
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1998 SL1, auto (MP6).
-MSD Plug Wires.
-Sumitomo Tires.

Best 1/4: 18.02.
'98 SL1 A/T
MSD Plug Wires
H&R Sport Springs
KYB GR-2 Struts
Progress Group 19mm rear sway bar
Progress Front Strut Bar
Rear Strut Bar

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1992 SC2, manual (MP3). At New York Int'l Raceway Park.
-N/A motor (not tuned).
-With amp rack installed (three amplifiers).

R/T: .842
60': 2.256
330: 6.415
1/8: 9.841
MPH: 72.85
1000: 12.761
1/4: 15.230
MPH: 91.64

Scanned Timeslip.
1/4 14.801 @ 94.14 MPH SLX last season
That time is from over 2 years ago on a NA car.

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Old 04-20-2006, 07:30 AM   #6
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Unknown DOHC, manual (MP3?).
-OBX Headers.
-Thermal R&D cat-back exhaust.
-Hollowed cat.
-Plug wires.
-Lightweght flywheel.
-Stage 2 clutch from Clutchmasters.
-58mm TB.
-Minor porting to the head.
-65 Zex wet shot ran off TPS.

1/4: 14.2

I'm getting the DOHC manual information from the following:
OBX only makes a header for the DOHC Saturn 1.9L.
The manual transmission from the following:
The AEM CAI's won't fit on an automatic.
Whether he's got an MP2 or MP3, I'm unsure.
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13:1 (a guess, after head shave gives me 235psi compression Shocked )
Crower Forged Rods
Crower Forged 12:1 pistons
Massively ported head shaved .040
Ferrea retainers
Manley dual springs
Manley Pro-Flo valves
Lightened/Knife-edged/Cryo treated crank
Balanced rotating assembly to 8500rpm
Crower .590 lift cams
60mm GTP TB
Ported intake manifold
Port-matched and ported header
2.5" mandrel exhaust
AEM full cold air intake

Best to date has been 14.18@98.6mph w/ 2.66 60'
This was on street tires, next run will be slicks. Bottom end was built for spray, 100hp wet, and it will be installed on the next run.
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da pimp saturn 92
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92 sc2,
stock engine,
no cat,
gutted interior,
straigh through muffler,
0-60, 8.2sec
0-100, 23.8 sec
1/4 mile, 16.33 at 86 mph <-----best run
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Default sl2 98

sl2 1998 so far all i have is my 1/8 mile best time and it is 11.23 with auto no mods. bone stock with additional weight of subs .

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1999 SL2, five-speed (MP3). At New England Dragway (Epping, NH).
-Removed intake resonator, stock airbox and filter.
-SDA Dogbone Motor Mounts
-Removed spare tire
-Full tank of gas, bad clutch, bald tires

Car Weight (including driver): 2505lbs


R/T: .579
60': 2.430
330: 6.774
1/8: 10.376
MPH: 68.13
1000: 13.501
1/4: 16.167
MPH: 84.32

16.167 @ 84.32
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