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Default Strut Tower Brace,,,and i need help PLEASE

so i go to install my sps strut tower brace in the 100 degreee sun and start to unscrew the first nut and the bolt snaps off...what the hell do i do? where can i get a new bolt, nut and how do I put i the new one in and get the old one out when i am done? and how much money are we talkin for these things, and how safe is it to drive

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hi , did you write me at my site? listen, ill be happy to GIVE you what you need but one problem, I am going out of town for a short getaway and we jsut booked two motor jobs in to be done in the next 48 hours before I leave! woo hoo,talk about real world expereince with being under the gun! but Ill be happy to assist if you can live till i get back cause if i told you any sooner i dont think i could keep the commitment.
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I've done the same thing, except that I tightened a bolt too tight and took a turn to hard . Anyway, that bolt is on a plate, it holds the top of your strut. You can run w/out the bolt, but it'll put extra stress on the other 2 bolts and will cause a BIG safety concern.

You can't just replace the bolt. You must replace the entire assembly, as it's 1 peice. $60 at the dealership if I recall correctly. I just said hell with it and paid them to do it. You have to compress the spring and take out the shock, and I don't feel like having a spring take off my head if I don't do it correctly.
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