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Default 2007 Ion 2.2

Hey All. I have learned a lot thus far from the info here. I have acquired a 07 Ion for my son But the vehicle requires some engine work. Broken valve on #3, high mileage and piston wear in the cylinders. Is it possible to swap a 2.2 for the 2.4? I thought that would make a nice car even better. Any thoughts would be great. Not looking for turbos or superchargers. Just a plain swap. Thanks Dwayne

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I don't see why not. Same block, different bore, pistons, etc.
ECM would need to be flashed/replaced
BCM flash to match the options on your vehicle
BCM relearn to ECM
Passkey II relearn to BCM

I don't know if the tranny was the same. Check reviews on the net that state the specs and see if the gear ratios are the same. If they are different, doesn't mean it won't work, just means it will not drive the way its supposed to and may constantly generate incorrect gear ratio SES codes if the trannys were different. This will fail you for emissions if that is relevant. IF here is a difference
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2.2 to 2.4 engine change, 2007 ion

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