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Default How do I use this forum better?

I have no imagination I guess, but can't determine how to find "Threads started by" a particular user, or posts created BY a certain user? where is the list of "users"?

I can't even find the threads that I created, or posts that I made; I see it says my last visit WAS June 16, 2010...............

For the time being, 1999 Saturn 3 dr 4 cyl dual overhead cam, 5 speed tranny. What do we call that "thing" [we used to call it a distributor in the old days, ha] that the plug wires go to? how do we replace it? How do we KNOW if it needs replaced? new wires will NOT stay attached; one terminal/pole does not fit "snuggly"; it fits loose and vibrates off; how can that happen?


LarryR : )

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Below the SaturnSpot at the top of the page there is a search button. If you click on it you will go to the search page. On it is most of what you are looking for.
If you click on your name in a thread there will be a drop down list or just in the main post listings you will get to a page that will have links to your stats.

As for your problem.

The plug wires go to the coils. On your 99 you should clips that help hold down the plug wires to the coils. The wires should stay in place on their own though. If the wires are older or aftermarket then the clip on the end of the wire in the boot may be worn or just not crimped down enough to hold the wire in place. If you use a pair of needle nose pliers to go into the boot you should be able to crimp the wire end down. Be careful to not go to far and collapse it.
Try hitting up a wrecking yard sometime to get the hold down clips for the wire ends at the coils.
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