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Default 2002 Saturn SL1 Power Door Locks Problem


I'm hoping someone here can help me out with something...
I own a 2002 Saturn SL1 4 Door... it has controls for the power door locks on the front driver and passenger doors and locks on all four doors that are all operated by the power door lock system. Before I started to try to troubleshoot my problem I could press lock on either of the control panels and the locks would lock on all 4 doors. If I pressed unlock none of the doors would unlock. I then opened the fuse/relay panel inside the vehicle and one by one removed the fuses for the each of the lock systems (2 small 1" black rectangle fuses (one lock, one unlock) and one yellow 20 fuse). When I removed the "lock" black fuse it was clean and looked ok and naturally the locking function stopped working. I reinserted the "lock" black fuse and took out the "unlock" black fuse and it as well was clean and looked ok. As I removed it I could hear the locks on the doors try to lock and unlock and the front drivers side door actually unlocked. Naturally, once the fuse was out the unlock button no longer functioned. I placed the "unlock" fuse back in and I could lock all the doors with the lock button on either of the two control panels and unlock only the front drivers side door with either of the two control panels. While the drivers front door unlocked you could see the other locks "jiggle" and hear them click like they were trying to move. I then removed the yellow 20 fuse which was very dark and looked like it was blown. I replaced this fuse with a brand new one.

After all the troubleshooting I am still left with:
*I can LOCK all 4 doors from Driver's front control panel
*I can LOCK all 4 doors from Passenger's front control panel
*I can UNLOCK only the Driver's front door from the Driver's front control panel
*I can UNLOCK only the Driver's front door from the Passenger's front control panel
*The other 3 door locks "jiggle" when UNLOCK is pressed but do not actually unlock

Any help with this would be most appreciated!

Thank you so much for your time in advance.


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I'm having the same problem. Did you find the fix??
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