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Default smog troubles

I resently took my car in for a smog check which caused me some uneeded stress.

I drive a 1996 Saturn SC1 1.9L SOHC "blue" with a few mods. First came the body kit then 17" wheels and low profile tires then an AEM Short ram system "Blue" after that i needed a nice muffler so I chose the only blue one i could find which just happend to be made of carbon fiber. Ive painted the engine blue and the valve cover and brackets silver. I dont race my car, total HP is probably less than 190, I just wanted to drive somthing different that looks good.

First I sat in the waiting room for half an hour while they stared at my intake. Then the "mechanic" asked for an Intake registration sheet. I told him ive never heard of it. He then told me that it tells him that it tells him that the intake is made for my car and without it he cant smog my carb.
I have the box and everything that came with the intake including the instalation instructions and there is no registration sheet or mention of one.

What is going on here?

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Contact the maker of the intake and find out if they have a certification for the intake for your area. If they don't reinstall the original intake and take it in that way.
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The intake is CARB EO approved and there is a decal which clearly displays that. Ive smog'd the car before with the exact same setup at a different location and nobody said a thing about it.
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