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Angry About had enough

I have 2002 LW300 that I have had since 2005. I bought it used with about 40K miles and it now has ~145K. Up until 100K I had absolutely no problems with this car and thought it was the best car I ever owned and that was right after I traded my Subaru in for it. At 100K I had the complete tuneup with replacement of the timing belt, plugs, wires, and water pump for a total of about $1000. Last year I left the car at my sons house when I went on a business trip. When I returned he was going to pick me up and found the battery dead and jump started it. On the way to pick me up he noticed the speedometer didn't work and the SES light was on. This was right after Saturn went out of business so I took it to a Chevy dealer. They weren't familiar with it and suggested I take it back to SC where I live and have it serviced there. I was running OK otherwise. When I returned home I took it to another dealer who told me it need a BCM at the cost of $640 plus 3hours labor. We orded the part and I took the car home. The next day I again had a dead battery so I called AAA to come out to replace the battery. After he put the new battery in, the car started right up, the speedometer worked and the the SES light was off. I went back to the dealer and got my money back for the part I had placed on order. About 2 month later the car just stopped one day. I called another Chevy dealer who came and got it towed it in and told me I needed at Crank Sensor. They replaced that at a cost of about $800. Next the SES light came on again and this time it was the O2 sensor. Next the SES light came on again and it was the coolant sensor. Over this past weekend I started the car one morning and the SES light was on, the wrench light was on and the ABS light was on along with the air bag light and I had no speedometer, tach or fuel/temp gauge. I pulled the fuse for the instrument cluster and put it back in. Lights went off and I had gauges again. Yesterday the car would not start at all. I disconnected the batter cable and reconnected it. The car started and no lights were on. Two hours later, same problem. This morning I disconnected the battery again. It started and I drove it to a garage. The mechanic checked out everything and got no readings on the status of the PCM. So he thinks it is the PCM. So now I am looking for a PCM and a buyer.

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Ok so your ready to give up. What do you want us to do?
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