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Default Timing Chain replacement

Got a ticking comming from the pass side of the engine, and since i gotta replace the alternator (again damn you **** boys), i figure while i'm doin that, i'll get the timing chain too, to get rid of the ticking. how hard is it, and how long should i set aside to do it? my gf's dad should be helping me, and he used to be a mechanic, so the technical support is there, and besides, i have the haynes book too, and you guys .

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If you have never done one before set aside 5 hours or more. Maybe make it a 2 day weekend project if you are using hand tools. Once you get them down 2-3 hours tops. theres just no easy way to replace a t-chain if you do it right and clean everything properly. No job is really "hard" if you have the tools, manuals and the know-how. Good luck

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the timing chain is inside the engine and will take a LONG time to do. i think you might be talkin about serpentine belt since you are also changion the alternator. the serpentine belt and alternator are as ***** to change from what i hear. i never did it myself, but i brought it to meinike and the mechanic said that it was a royal pain in the ass to do
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First of all, stop buying ****ty rebuilt alternators from Pep Boys. Get yourself a good new alternator or a used Saturn alt from Joey.

Timing chain is a pretty involved process, set aside the better part of a day, or as was previously mentioned, 2 days if possible. This is something you don't want to screw up, as I believe Saturn motors are interference engines (I could be wrong on that though).

Oh yeah, Saturn serp belts aren't that hard. Try doing one on a mid-90's Pontiac Grand Am with a 3.1 and motor mount on the side
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a little tip for you, cut a wire hangar about 8-10" long. bend it into a "u" shape. bend both ends inward 90 degrees about 1/2" or so. it should like the ear piece of a stethoscope. use this to secure the timing chain to the crankshaft once you've indexed it. this will keep the chain from cominf off while you're indexing the cam gears and installing the guides. don't forget to replace the camcover seals. i would also recommend you install a timing chain kit. comes with all guides.tensioner and gears oh and the chain
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the best way i found to do the serpentine belt is to take the engine mount loose on the passenger side and lift raise the engine up with a jack until it is all the way up, then i use a 14 mm offset box end wrench and it usually takes me like 5 to 10 minutes.

timing chain well you better set aside 5 to 6 hours and follow the boom step by step because this is an inetrference engine meaning that if the timing is off even by a little the valves will bend.
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Ditto on the serp belt replacement. Much easier to do with the engine raised and the mount off. As for an alternator...piece of cake. I hold the shop record at 5 minutes flat no joke!! Previous record was 6 mins 35 seconds. Now on the floor thats a whole new story but even still its not so bad with a floor jack. Heres how...
1.disconnect the negative battery terminal

2.remove the upper 13mm alternator bolt

3.turn the ign key to "ACC" and turn the steering wheel all the way to the LEFT (no need to remove the tire) unless of course you are doing a timing chain it will already be off.

4.remove the small rear splash shield in the fender well

5.losen the 13mm lower alternator bolt nut. do not remove the bolt yet.

6.remove the 10mm bolt for the alternator cover (splash shield) and toss the cover in the trash.

7.remove the 10mm alt wire nut. If the nut spind along with the alt wire disconnect it from the starter-13mm nut. Take a small screwdriver and break the black plastic off around the alternator wire stud. The one on the alternator!!! this way you will have room to fit a 13mm wrench on the stud to remove the 10mm wire nut.

8. remove the serp belt from the alt pulley using a 14mm wrench on the belt tensioner. you do not have to take the belt completely off just move it up out of the way.

9.remove the lower alt bolt and tap the grommet side with a small hammer. This usualy breaks the alternator free and it slides right out.

10. Now here is the hardest part to explain in words but try and picure the alternator. I have tried this many ways and this way is by far the easiest to get it OUT of the car. Ready??

Spin the alternator untill the lower mounting hole and upper bolt hole are facing upwards. I call it the "flat side" of the alternator. This flat side will be facing up towards the lower portion of the frame (where the splash sheild goes) and slide the alternator out through the fender well, OVER the axle.

To put the new one back in face the pulley inwards towards the engine. Once you get it in simply flip it over. Remember flat side up. see piece of cake!!

PS: dont forget the 8mm bolt in the Timing Chain cover!!!!!! I have seen tons of Saturns that either did the work themselves or an indy shop with a nice line of JB weld on the cover from cracking it. Another little tip. I'm sure you dont have the special oil pan seal cutter tool and the next best thing is a small paint scraper. Be carefull on the corners. I always keep one on hand. the guys at work are constantly addopting this handy tool.

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