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Default 2001 SC2 Sunroof issue......

I have a 2001 SC2. Just recently w/out any notice at all my sunroof didn't work. It is closed all the way. When you press the button it makes zero noises. I took down the roof liner and put one of those test lights to the switch, it shows it is getting power to the motor. But it is not doing anything. I read somewhere there might be a problem with the relay. If so how can I test it myself? If in fact it is the actual motor out. Do you know of a cheap way to purchase one, other than the dealer? Everywhere I've called they say it's a dealer part only. Any advice would be great! Thanks

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ive heard that the motor is better replaced with the entire moduel... mine makes nosies.. but wont open.. 01 sc1.. the dealer said i need a new module

$960 new or about $250 used from joey at 6th planet..
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