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Default A guideline to modification

Okay, after about 8,000,000,000,000 threads about what to do and in what order I have decided to make a be all end all sticky. Thank me later.

Step numero uno!
Put your money in the bank. You aren't usin it for a lil while- let it multiply while you do the first couple steps.

Step 2.
Think about your car. Think about if you want drag strip performance, auto cross performance, street racing performance, or looks.

Step 3.
Once you have decided on a theme for the car think about what it will take to get there.

Drag: Big boost, stiff suspension, light, etc

Autocross: quick acceleration (superchargers lend themselves to this morn than turbos), agressive suspension that will take out body roll, and weight reductions.

Looks: Anything you like. Dont let anyone else tell you what to do with your car. Do a search and maybe just maybe you can scrounge pics of Skittle's Car or CopperTop's car. Both are original and never let anyone tell them how to build their car. Your payin for it- you decide!

For street racing you will probably want good suspension, good accel, and good top end speed- sorta a hodgepodge of drag and autocross for this environment. ******* SATURN SPOT NOR I CONDONE OR SUPPORT STREET RACING ********

Okay. Step 4.
Dont ever buy an intake. then an exhaust. Ever. or front speakers then a sub. EVER. Attack things as systems.


Get an intake and throttle body and hold onto them till you put on the exhaust. Put everything on at once if you want the real potential of the modifications.

Just like get all your speakers and subs and amps and wiring right the first time. Dont get a front speaker and a sub. Its gunna sound like crap without all the correct components to the SYSTEM.

Now, I realize this thread dosnt tell you how to modify your car. Or does it? Perhaps- this thread was meant to show everyone the basics of whats involved. Once you decide what you want to do, how you want to do it, when you want to do it THEN you can post a thread about specifics of the modification such as- which kit is proven better, or what makes this or that work how it does.

Thank you for taking time to read this.

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Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: Kingsport TN
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Posted by DCxMagus:

Good post by zorm and it's the exact advice I give everyone that asks me how to modify a car, make a plan and stick to it.

The one thing I would like to comment on though is simply this, Zorm stated to do everything as a system which is a great idea, to a certain extent. Now no doubt you will get the most out of your intake, bored TB, and Exhaust system once they are all on at once. But there is nothing wrong with put on your intake and having that on for a month before getting your exhaust, it may not be helping at full potental but it will help. Now there are a few things that won't do crap unless other parts of the system are upgrade Like cams, tuning your A/F ratio, bored throttle bodies, internals, high compression(for N/A cars). All those things I just listed are NOT something you want to do when your FIRST starting to modify your car they will do VERY little if anything. You can bore out a throttle body and hope to get a 10hp gain if you don't have an intake and an exhaust.

There are a few items that you MUST buy and install as a system in order for them to even work let alone for power gains that are worth noticing. Things like a supercharger, Turbo, nitrous oxide, a WBo2 gauge and the fuel computer to tune it with. While you can get a WB02 gauge like the AEM UEGO it will not do anything for you expect look good(or bad depending how you install it) and show you some nice lights and a number that you look at and show off to all the high school kids. Like wise you can't go out and buy a S-AFC or S-AFC2 and tune your fuel cures without that nice number on the WB02 guage to help you.

Same with turbo and superchargers you can not just go up by a turbocharger and bring it to a shop and say install this please! They will laugh at you stop and laugh some more you need the whole system, manifold, piping,clamps,intercooler,wastegate,boost controller,fuel management system(refered to above), turbo timer, boost gauge, and various other things. Same goes for a supercharger, Nitrous now a days comes in complete kits for so cheap that it's not really worth even trying to piece together your own jsut get a NX kit or something and call it a day.

So in closing it is possiable to install your intake and exhuast at different times, you will get and notice better gains with them both on but it's always a good idea to finish any system of your car your working on before moving to the next one. Don't run out by a turbocharger, then a S-AFC, then a CAI(which is useless with a turbo anyway), then a exhaust then a manifold for your turbo, and yadda yadda. Finish a system before you move on to another or your going to have a lot of parts laying around and a lot of headaches in your future.

Note from Zorm: Hey guys- didnt think about this when i locked it at first-- if you have something to add please email it to me @ PAPArker21@TNTECH.EDU and I will read over it and if it needs adding i will post it on here and credit you as i've done for DCxMagus- thanks guys!
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