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Default Rules for Marketplace

Ok guys, first of all I would like to say Saturn Spot is NOT responsible for anything that is bought/sold/traded. We do have a feedback sticky in the marketplace, so please do post in there weather you had a good or bad experience with someone.
The rules are pretty simple, you neglect to follow them, your post will be locked until you fix them.
Set it up in this format so as much information is provided from the start:

Location: (just has to be state, in case you want to do a local pick up)
Best way to contact: (do not post phone or email, have them PM you for that)
Price: specify if the price is shipped or plus shipping and how payment will be made (generally paypal)

Along with a picture of the product with your username and date in the photo so we can see you actually have what you say you have and see the condition.
These rules are not hard, but like stated, if you neglect to follow them the post will be locked until you fix it.
Any questions, PM me and I will help you out.
If you have any suggestions to make this easier, post below or message me. I am just trying to look out for everyone, and make it as easy as possible from the start.

Thanks guy,

Billy, Louisiana
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92 SL1-Sold
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