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Default 1800 to 2800 rpm growl

I have a 2007 Aura XR with almost 150,000 mi. lately i have been getting a low pitch growl from the engine compartment between 1800 and 2800 rpm while accelerating only. There are no squeals, no knocks, no rattle noises. Everything on the car seems to be fine except for this loud groaning. It almost seems that the engine has to work harder at these rpms to accelerate. Once the rpms get to 3000 or higher the growl goes away and the car sounds amazing. I need some help diagnosing the issue. If you have any starting points for me i would appreciate it.

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Could be a bearing binding up on one of your power take offs (i.e. power steering pump, air, water pump, etc.). Try to isolate where the "growling" is coming from by listening-- a screwdriver pressed against the component and then listening with your ear on the other end works. BE CAREFUL! A stethoscope works better and your can get a cheap one at most auto parts stores.
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does it only do it in drive, or also park/neutral?
If in park/neutral as well, gman has a good starting point. Go with the steth--too many moving parts for you to be leaning a screwdriver slip and....

also, there are no vibrations with this?

Are you positive it is coming from under the hood or might it be exhaust related (part of the way back)?
I assume it has not always been this way?
just throwing out ideas, not interrogating

The low growl/moan you speak of actually reminds me of what a Saturn S series alternator sounds like when it is on its way out. Make sure you check the alternator.
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Good point, derf. I assumed it was being revved in neutral/park. If it's both, harder to isolate. Again, I would listen for bad bearings (try locating a stetchoscope like derf prefers -- much safer) but the vibration/growl if you are driving could be so many things. I had a problem with the aluminum heat shields between the undercarriage and exhaust/muffler. Had to reattach several points using 1/4" rivets. Sheet metal screws would work too. That was more of a rattle than a growl. derf suggests the alternator -- that could well be it. If you are an inexperienced wrencher, then I'd suggest having someone you trust take a look at it. But the only way to become experienced is by doing -- your call.
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