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Default Engine swap ?

Hi guys here again with few questions looking for some feed back ... so I am thinking of doing a engine swap on my 97 sc1 coupe as I assume many have already done ... anyhow question is what engines can I get that will fit looking for something more powerful any replies wold be appreciated

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The S series engine was developed independently from the rest of the GM line. As such there are no bolt-ins to choose from if you're looking for plug n play.

That being said, your options are to
----turbo the SOHC you have
----swap in a DOHC motor of the correct vintage along w donor DOHC PCM to run it along with other things needed to have a fully functional DOHC ENGINE

---swap out the head for a DOHC head; still would need the donor PCM and some other goodies to have a functional DOHC ENGINE

The other "complication" is that the DOHC and SOHC trannys are different; for you make it worthwhile and take advantage of the DOHC experience which includes the lower gearing of the DOHC tranny, you'd need to swap in a tranny from a donor DOHC.

If you don't do the tranny swap, if it's an automatic you will get SES for incorrect gear ratios, etc and will never pass inspection if that is an issue for you. Plus the PCM will be confused as hell as to when to change gears.
My choice?

IF existing engine is in good health:
---Swap in DOHC head and DOHC PCM and (etc) + swap in DOHC tranny to make a fully functional DOHC

If existing engine not in good health:
---swap in donor DOHC engine and tranny , PCM and (etc)

It's a 15-20 HP gain on a 124HP (DOHC) engine so a little less than 10% HP gain
Turbo: These engines have been turbo'd over the years. Involves quite a bit of custom fabrication. Info on this option is all over the net. Problem is that as time goes by, the availability of parts specifically made for Saturn turbo application (like the turbo exhaust manifold) become harder to find.

Turboing the SL1 may seem the most straight forward, but the DOHC will have higher throughput by design and thus most people start w the DOHC for a turbo build. But you can still do it. It's up to you -- it's your ride.

I would suggest visiting the S-Series Swap Guide and some extensive net research to see all of what's involved.

If it's not worth it---sell the Satty and go with another ride.
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Listen to this man, he knows his stuff.
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