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Default BOOM! Shifting BOOM

Here it is the 12th of June 2015 and I am new to this forum, glad you are here, hope you can help. I have had a 2002 Saturn S automatic sedan for two years. It has always run fine with no issues. Then this year BOOM! It began smashing intermittently into gear on acceleration from a stop, then did it every so often when at speed and wanting to go faster, it now revs every once in a while, or sounds like it is in high gear. My mechanic says I need a new transmission for $3500. Or he says I need new motor mounts. He can't tell until he takes it apart. I've put some Lucas additive in and that helped a wee bit. I really can't see putting $3500 into the car, but am not currently in a position to go out and buy my dream car. I'm in Gaithersburg, can anyone recommend a shop that can give me an honest answer and work with me? Thanks.

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Please stop by the new member section to introduce yourself and your car.

The revving could be a few things. Dirty/clogged PCV, dirty throttle body, dirty air filter, dirty fuel injectors.
He cant tell if you have a bad motor mount? It is definitely time for a new mechanic then...
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SES light on? If so go to autozone or similar and get codes read for free.
Post the CODES (Pxxxx) not the descriptions.
Slam shifting in all gears may be caused by multiple things such as

---blown transmission fuses in the UHJB -- specifically for the Line Pressure (LP) Solenoid in the valve body. Blown LP Solenoid my indicate issue with LP Solenoid.
---issues with the valve body and the solenoids within including LP solenoid.

Check the resistance at the connector on the valve body cover for all solenoids. Usually when the vehicle is hot the resistance will be around 6 ohms and the bad solenoid will be around 1 ohm different.

Rebuilt valve bodies can be had on eBay for a little over $100.

---turbine shaft speed sensor wiring damage
---loose input axle shaft nut in tranny

others have supposedly solved all their issues w tranny fluid additives, and while they may be helpful for some types of problems, personally I don't believe that is going to work long term for this problem due to the nature/cause of the problem.
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My 97 SC2 was shifting in strange ways. It did it when we bought the car and we just lived with it that way until....... one day one of the rubber grommets failed that hold the plastic air line that goes to the PCV valve. I discovered that the other grommet was also in bad condition and replaced them. Suddenly the transmission began to shift perfect and has ever since. Check for a small vacuum leak. Check those grommets to the PCV valve first.
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thumping sound when I disengage the e brake sometimes.
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