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Default heated seats

Hi all
I have a 2007 vue L61 5 sp, 95 000 miles. It has manual, non-heated seats which I would like to change. Is the body prewired for these options? Are there existing connectors in place ready to receive these changes? Can I swap the seats with a pair from the yard, install the switches & perhaps a relay and be good to go? I am not interested in installing an after market product.

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I don't remember if they were a onesy option to add or only came as part of an option package.

For production cost reasons, the wiring harnesses might have been different depending on how the option was offered.

Actually if it is both front seats, the wires are prob run under the carpet in the center and then branch off in each direction. I can't see them running a splice to nowhere (under pass seat) but anything is possible

Best way to determine is to get a flashlight, some padding, and get under there to see what's what.
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I found a sales brochure from 2006. It shows both the power and heated options are bundled together in the comfort package. It seems to me for reasons of cost and efficiency, a master harness with respect to non power train components would be used in all vehicles. This would limit variables and allow for simple repetition in the assembly process.
Thanks Derf
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