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Default Sounds like an angry whale

Exactly as the title says. I'm driving down the road, and when the road noise and wind noise isn't bad, I can hear a humming sound that I've never heard before. Below 30mph I can't hear it, around 45mph it peaks and has a high pitch whine on top of the hum. The whine goes away after I pass 45mph, and the hum gets louder. At first, I thought it was my engine or trans... But, I pushed the clutch in at speed and the sound persisted. So I don't think its those. And the sound is coming from my front end, passenger side. What is it?

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Me gonna guess alternator. Has that low hummmm you just can't place.
Check the output V of your alternator -- should be 14.4 ish. Even if the voltage IS 14.4 it may have lost part of the rectifier circuit. 1 more part and it will cease to function sufficiently to charge the battery.

Take to autozone or similar and have them run a load test on it
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Did you figure it out?
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