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Default Can anyone 'splain this to me?

My SW2 themostat that wasn't getting (at least the gauge wasn't showing) much over 1/4 when cruising at highway speeds.

I had it (and the ECTS) replaced and now, instead of running at 3/8 (as is the , seeming "sweet spot" in posts I've read) the SW2 runs at just under 1/2.

That doesn't bother me.

The cooling fan now comes on (if the car heats up because I'm stuck in traffic, idling) at just before 3/4. That's a bit before it even gets close to the beginning of the red area. I guess that's okay, too.

Is there an advantage, other that how quickly the engine warms up, to having a thermostat with a lower (or a higher, for that matter) opening temperature ?

No matter which unit I have in there now (assuming my car is running at the same efficiency it was before the thermostat change) won't the nominal operating temperature be the same as it was and the gauge now merely showing the temperature differently ?

The only way to learn is to ask questions, I guess.

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If it has a lower opening point, the sensor should let the gauge now what the temperature is regardless.

So say, having it open at 160 instead of 180, it will keep it a bit cooler, sensor alerting the gauge that its a bit cooler than stock, that you are used to.

You know the engine is being kept a bit cooler, which is not a bad thing at all. Should help the longevity of it.

The engine will still operate normal temps, but the thermo will cool it at a lower point compared to the stock point. That is why it is showing it as a bit lower.
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Yeah, this good info.
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Yeah, this is good info.
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