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Default 1999 Saturn SL2 P0300 random/multiple misfire

ok guys im at a loss of things left to try. i origionally had to go tow this car back because it slowly started decelerating while on the freeway. from there i could not get it started. once i got it to my garage i started checking everything i could. replaced the spark plugs because they were badly past due. also the air filter was completely clogged and not allowing much air at all to pass through, while the car is running i can pull wires for cylinder #2 and and #3 but the idle does not change. i ground out the plug and it is sparking for both cylinders but both those plugs are wet after i try and turn the motor over. the car will start fine but after a few seconds the idle goes down and it starts to misfire again. i also replaced the coil pack for cylinders 2/3 and no change. i also pulled the injector rail and cleaned and installed new orings. while out on the road the error code comes back at low RPMs but while accelerating the trouble code goes away. i have heard many people say that the ECT or the EGR valve could cause this. but i dont believe it. someone please give me some insite. i am getting sick of working on this car

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If you have spark, air, fuel, and compression, you're good to go.

Sounds like you have spark---
Sounds like you have air.
Sounds like you have fuel (assuming fuel is wetting the plugs you mentioned

But if plug is wet when you pull 2 & 3 after failed starting attempt


nothing happens when you pull the 2 or 3 wires, I suspect you've lost some or all compression in those 2 cylinders -- and without it, no combustion,

Did the oil level get low any time recently?

Go to Autozone or similar and do the loan a tool thing for a compression tester and check the compression of all four cyls. Instructions on how to correctly perform a compression test are on the web.

Depending on what failed, you may have burnt a valve in each cylinder, thrown a valve through a piston, have a blown head gasket which is worse in the middle of the block.

Is there any smoke (not water vapor) coming out the tailpipe, and what if so, what color?
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