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Unhappy Map Light Wont Turn Off

My 2006 Saturn Vue sunroof leaked. Now my map light & dome light will not turn off. Press the map lights & they stay on. At least turned dome light switch to off position. Pulled the fuse for interior lights & had to put back in. Door locks kept locking & unlocking as if possessed. Fuse back in, map light on or flashes on & off & door locks keep clicking. Also takes 2 clicks to lock doors & horn beeps, didn't do that before. All connected to interior map light staying on. Eventually after engine is off 30-45 minutes the car shuts map light off. Anyone know how to fix?

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1) Get the water out of the switch area. This will likely require removal of the (switch + associated trim). I cannot tell you how to do this, but you can go to a site like www.gmpartsdirect. co (space added to keep the address displayed, and not .com, but co.

Find the part in the exploded diagram and click on the individual part. A drawing of the actual part should appear. This will give you both the GM part number for the switch and the trim. I would replace the switch.

This should also give you the shape of the trim piece that holds the switch. So you should be able to figure out how to remove the trim without breaking it.

2) It sounds like the light must on the same fuse as the door lock actuator and/or be tied into the BCM (body control module). The intermittent shorting of the switch is likely affecting the ground of the electrical circuit. Water is a poor electrical conductor, but if there is enough inside the switch to bridge the contacts, the light will stay on because pushing the switch changes nothing.

Likely the door lock actuators are freaking because either their electrical ground is shared with the light switch or again the BCM is somehow involved.

Best Guess I have.
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Smile Map Light/Sunroof leak

Thank you so much derfderf. This weekend my husband was able to pull headliner down enough to see switch. First we have to make sure the sunroof is no longer leaking. We tried to access the sunroof drain tubes as was stated in post "The right way to unclog the sunroof drains . However, Vue's drain plug not in the side kick plates. My husband was able to see drain tubes connected ok, so blew the tubes out, as well as the map light switch area. Today when I drove in to work, only had a couple of flickers. Hoping we have corrected the sunroof issue, no sense in replacing switch if water leaks continue.

Does anyone know on 06 Vue where the sunroof drain tubes go to and where the drain filter/plug is? Have blown the tubes and could hear the air under the Vue, but cannot locate drain to clean out.

Thanks again! Elaine
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