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Old 03-05-2005, 04:41 AM   #21
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My saturn ION sedan 04. First car.

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3rd.91cavalier showworthy car
4.94saturn sc1
5.th94 saturn sl2
I = B&
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Default first car???

hmm. lets see.

back in 1964 i purchased a '55 Chevy 2-door hardtop, 265CI v8, and three speed manual (column mount). it finally became a speedster with a 301ci, balanced/blueprinted ($350, what a bargain for balancing/blusprinting compared to what it would cost today), big holley 850, muncie 4 speed, and various different rear ends, i was alway breaking them. ran in the 14.50's at right around 100mph+ in the quarter mile. total cost for the engine including tweaks, about $1200.

the rest:

1960 Ford Starliner 2 door HD w/428ci GT500 swap w/four speed, dual four barrels on a tunnel ram intake, car would do 170MPH top end w/2.83's in the rear, ran 12.06, 114MPH with the 4.56's in the rear. don't ask how i got the engine, they were very rare back then, only a couple of thousand GT500's were ever made.

1964 Chevy 2door HT, four speed, threw in a 396CI (original was 348ci), fairly nice rider and fast.

1968 Corvette soft top/hard top, 427CI, beefed automatic, dual four barrels, isky rollercam, headers w/sidepipes. absolutely the scariest car i ever owned. you could punch this sucker while cruising @150MPH and it would still slam you against the seat hard.

then came a series of VW's, first a scirocco, then a couple of rabbits and one Datsun pickup.

now this POS, bought it cash off the showroom floor (1997 SW2) in Jan 97.

i am lucky to have survived it all. anyone of the muscle cars would have been a wild ride if something went wrong at top end max.

i have stories, like the time i did two complete 360's at speed while negoitating a corner at high speed with the corvette, missed a telephone pole just by the luck of ROTATION, TWICE, weird seeing the pole flash by quickly as you thought you were gonna die, then the Ford made it to a farmers field missing a curve out in the boondocks. in both incidents the units were drivable afterwards, luckily.

knock on wood, i survived to pass the stories along.

97 SW2, sleeper w/tricks, 56mm TB, CAI, oil catcher, plasma booster, front/REAR strut braces, drilled/slotted front/REAR, Eibachs, KYB2's, 225/40/17, unorthodox underdrive, SPS short shifter. SPS poly suspension and True HID lighting the way....
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My first car was a 1994 chrysler new yorker. that thing hauled ass!!! 3.5l 24v dual throttle bodies engine came stock with holley parts. from what i hear that engine had hemispheical heads if anyone knows for sure tell me. i loved that car at a party one time i put 10 people in it 3 in front 4 in the back seat and 3 in the trunk plus i had a sub and amp back there that car was so awsome. sweet engine and exhuast note. i miss it had to sell it to move to ct now i have a 97 saturn sl2 5spd
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Old 03-05-2005, 01:55 PM   #25
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Originally Posted by LIKWIDVISON
from what i hear that engine had hemispheical heads if anyone knows for sure tell me.
That's not uncommon.
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1st 1981 chevette, now that was a tank, I fried everything but the engine and tranny, the electrical system was pouched, but the engine still ran, and I could get it to sqweel the tires going into second.

2nd 1986 Sunbird, I didn't drive this much, bought it, fixed it, and sold it.

3rd 1994 Toyota Corrola, my first experiance with a leased car, never again.

4th 1975 Chevy Nova, with a whopping 100hp inline 6 and a one barrel carb. Tried to fix it up, but didn't have the time or space to rebuild a car

5th 2000 Saturn SL1, the blue beast, 3 payments left on it, woo hoo, you all know what happened to that car

6th 1993 Saturn SL1, my little race car, it have undergone a few mods .........(understatement)

7th 1992 Saturn SC, this was my parts car for the 93SL1, came with several performance parts allready installed.

I am currently looking for a 84/85 Fiero 2M6

Click on the pic to see my Cardomain Site

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My first was an 83 Civic 1500cc, followd by a 86 GMC Safari, then 1971 Chevy C-10 with a variety of 500hp+ motors (3 to be exact), 84 GMC Sierra 1500 I-6, and finally a 96 SL2.
Senior Member SPC
95 Taurus GL (the gas guzzler)
92 SC aquired 2/17/07
86 C-10 aquired 11/2/06
96 SL2 R.I.P. 10/30/06
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A 92? buick regal I think it was. Then to an 88 ford ranger pickup. Then a beat up 91 grandprix. Then my beloved 93 SC2 coupe, and now my 02 Spec V.

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right now im on my 4th car, and second saturn...but my first car i bought when i was a senior in high school. it was a used 1994 isuzu amigo with 80 k miles. it was a fun car to have and always ran strong. man, i loved that thing!
yes, i am emphatic about not being static.
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Old 03-06-2005, 04:39 AM   #30
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1979 chevy caprice: 305,200r4, powerblue, white top, 70% rusted.... thing was a tank, raced it, had it airborne twice--last time of which it caught on fire. had two accidents in it; rearended an eclipse (shattered the rear end, made a little dent in my bumper)., the last accident was the one that took her--a lady with a bigger car, a 70 buick lesaber t-boned me in the rear passenger door/quarter panel which sent me into a 360 which i regained control qucik enough to t-bone a new town car. totalled.. god i miss that car, i tagged a lotta p... err, nevermind

1978 chevy nova: 305, th350, cream yellow. was a freebie car, well used and abused by the time i got it. oil pump failed, engine seized, made a cool sound when it locked...

1988 chevy cavalier z24 convert: 2.8l, 3t40, white. was a decent car, one owner, reasonably quick (laid some hurt on an 80's v6 stang), found letting your friends do neutral drops will literally split your trans casing. went to a trans shop (which i shouldn't mention the name) which messed it up three times, couple months later my then g/f's best friend pulled out without looking and i couldn't stop and tagged her...totalled.

1995 chevy monte carlo (anyone notice a chevy pattern forming here?): 3.1 4t60e: paid a chunk for it, ran for the 5 years i beat the hell out of it. still running and in my driveway but has an electrical problem i can't trace.

driving the 05 ion now, the monte has been reduced to the extra car status and to block my fairlane in the driveway till i can finished rebuilding the cleveland. city towtrucks....
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