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what we need:
-I made assumptions when stating what the sensors were applicable to - please check these
-check acronyms for sensors
-Pictures of locations: I will try to work on some of this, but help is always appreciated
-how-to-check write ups: this might even be best done as a seperate thread, then linked to from this one when it is finished, since the list is rather large. If anyone would like to pick a sensor and do a detailed how-to writeup (with pictures, preferably), that'd be great!
-part costs: any information, dealer or aftermarket would be helpful.
-links to threads where a sensor listed has been the culprit, so that readers can get an idea of symptoms for that sensor malfunctioning
-any other information that anyone thinks would help, feel free to speak up!

The list of sensors & info is on the bottom of the first page of the thread.

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These sensors were off of a 1997 1.9L DOHC.
The locations and abbrevations are correct since i got them off of mitchells on demand.
Pictures i cant get since i dont have a digital camera.
The dealership flat rates times were off of mitchells on demand and should be correct
Parts cost - i dont know about how to get those since i dont work for a saturn dealership.
I can try to find other links to threads for troubleshooting sensors, etc.

Trouble codes for saturn (OBD I)

OBD II Trouble codes:
P codes which are engine performance codes:

B codes which are body codes:

C codes which are braking and abs codes:

U codes which look like loss of info between different components.
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how do new members get this sticky
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