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Default ECTS

Getting ready to change out my Coolant Temperature Sensor for my 2002 SL2 and I was wondering if, besides a major crack which I read in other posts, there is any indicators that this could be malfunctioning? I've been having problems off and on ever since my fuel filter was clogged, thought it was fuel pump, injectors etc. and now from reading other posts I believe this might be the culprit. I flushed my radiator today and right now it is sitting empty in my garage, but when I pulled the ECTS out of my car it looked fine. This is the sensor that looks almost identical to the IAT, correct? Also should it matter where I get the new one from? Since I live quite a distance from the dealership I don't feel like going back unless I have to since I was just there last weekend getting new keys cut for my car.

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One symptom of ects failure could be poor fuel milage. If your 02 sl2 is similar to my 97 sl2 yes the the ects looks like an iat. If you cant goto the dealership goto auto zone or type of place and try to get a brass tipped ects. You can also test the sensor if you have a multimeter and see if its resistances match what it should be for that temp range.

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Not only do the IAT and ECTS look simmilar - they're the same part. Sleeper's right, just go to a regular parts store, and make sure it's brass-tipped before you buy it.
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Depends on what symptoms you are having as to if it is the sensor. There are a large number of things that the sensor can cause. Many of them not neccesarily in your face ones. If you have the plastic tipped sensor it does not take a large crack for it to be bad. Have a look at it and see if there is an area on it that is slightly differently coloured.
If you are able to let the car sit there are a couple of saturn parts places on the net that6 ship. you may be able to get your closest Saturn store to send you out one. You can always get one from a local parts house as well. The preferance is the newer brass tipped one but the older style will work fine for X number of years.
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