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Default What do you call an extra-green Vue Green Line?

What do you call an extra-green Vue Green Line?

This is the question that popped into my mind when reading the following article, found here:

Saturn Has Dual Hybrid Vue Strategy

Even as it rolls out its first gasoline-electric vehicle, General Motors' Saturn division is laying out plans for an unusual dual-hybrid strategy. The Vue Green Line is Saturn's first hybrid-electric vehicle. Sold as a $2000 option, it is not only GM's first non-truck hybrid, but also one of the market's most affordable.

The Green Line is what some call a "mybrid," or "mild" hybrid, among other things meaning it does not have the capability of running on battery power alone. But a more advanced and feature-laden hybrid system is now under development, part of a joint venture between GM, DaimlerChrysler and BMW. This two-mode system is expected to reach production status about the time Saturn rolls out the next-generation version of the Vue, late in calendar year 2007.

At that point, the GM division plans to offer both the mybrid version of the crossover, as well as a two-mode hybrid version of the Vue, explains the marque's general manager, Jill Lajdzick. "One will be very cost competitive," she explains, while the other "will be more aggressive (in terms of capabilities) and will come in at a higher price point."

Lajdzick admits the dual-hybrid strategy could prove a little confusing to potential customers, but she believes that it will ultimately play well in a market where price is critical, but "fuel economy will remain top-of-mind."-Paul A. Eisenstein
Two hybrid Vues. The Vue Green Line, and the... Vue Double Green Line? Super Green Line? Evergreen Line (with one of those air fresheners hanging from the rear-vue (er, view) mirror)?

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