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Default Front Passenger side noise

1996 dark green saturn SC2 5 speed
Hello well the motor went boom in my 99 camaro 3.8 5spd so I bought my brother's old saturn in his backyard for 250$. I really needed a car to get to school/work. He said I was wasting my money and it wouldn't run but I got a new air filter, sprayed some TB cleaner in and still no go. Got new wires and spark plugs and charged the battery for an hour or so, came out, motor turned over JUST twice and fired right up. I was amazed!! Also changed the oil + filter with castrol high mileage. Aired up the tires and they are holding fine. Flushed and filled coolant but the coolant light still blinks but temperature is in between 1/4 and 1/2 always. Car reads 142k miles. Idles smooth right around 900. I immediately noticed a rattling/vibration coming from the passenger side front of the vehicle. It is a very loud rattling and if it's in neutral and I revv the engine a little it gets louder/speeds up. with clutch pressed in or out no difference. It happens if im cruising at a constant speed but when I am going from a stop, when im in gear accelerating it doesnt make the noise at all. In between shifts it does but as soon as I upshift and give it some gas it goes away. as soon as I let off the gas or set the cruise it comes back. I am going to take the accesory belt off and start it for just a few minutes tomorrow after class and see if there is any difference. Basically it only goes away if I am accelerating. if you guys have any ideas please let me know. Thanks!!

P.S. - Besides the rattling I really like the car. It drives surprisingly smooth and turns on a dime. I was amazed that it just took plugs and wires and fired right up. I am really liking the car and after I get a new motor in my camaro I am planning on using the camaro for weekends and driving the saturn to work/school after I fix it up!!!!!!

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I'm going to guess it needs new motor mounts. Under acceleration, the engine is probably held at one extreme position, but at idle or holding speed, it is more free to rattle around...
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Thanks. How much would they typically run for and where are they located??
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is his cts bad also?
98 sc2 manual
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If the rattle makes the engine sound like a diesel engine then more than a good chance that the timing chain is sounding its death warning.
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