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Default ECTS Sensor

Is it something worth replacing? My 2001 SL2 is just about to roll over 100K miles and I was wondering if when I replace my plugs and wires, I would benefit from replacing this sensor too?

2001 SL2
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the Shaolin UWP
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2001-2002 already have the brass tipped sensor, IIRC.

Pull it out and check it. It doesn't need replacing peridocally, it's not a part that goes bad. If your car isn't running like ****, don't replace it.
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just '02 has the brass tip, IIRC. *shrug* Personally, for the $10-15 it costs, I'd replace it before it went bad if I had a resin tip one, just because it could easily be worth that to save the headaches & lost fuel economy of it going bad.

It could go either way, so it's your call.
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