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Default Problem with driver's side power window

Hello everyone. I've got a '97 Saturn SC2, and I'm having some trouble with my driver's side power window. For a while (the few months that I've had this car) the power window has been running kind of weak, and yesterday it just stopped working altogether. It rolled down, but only made it about halfway up before it stopped working.

I guess I should mention, I don't know a whole lot about cars. My dad is the one that knows about cars. But, for the most part, I can work with basic tools and follow instructions; and sometimes I can reason my way through things to make them work. Along with some advice on the phone from my dad, I tried to fix this power window.

First I went to the junkyard and got a power window motor from a '97 SC. For the most part, I have most of it reassembled into my car door. But I have a small problem getting the bottom rail to reattach onto the door. There's a square peg that lines up with a slot in the door frame. Basically, my first question is, is that peg supposed to actually fit into that slot, or do I just leave it as it is and put in the bolt? At the very least, I just want to get everything back into the right places; and I don't want to put something in wrong.

If my description is unclear, I took a short video (less than 2 minutes) with my digital camera showing what I've done so far. And I've uploaded it on YouTube.
Hopefully the video will be ready pretty soon. Right now it says "Uploaded (processing, please wait)."

Like I said in my video, I got the power window motor to work, the first time I tried it. I thought I finally had everything working, but when I tried it a couple more times, it didn't work anymore.

My second question is, if this motor doesn't end up working out, what other kinds of problems should I try to investigate?

I guess it's worth mentioning that I saw this thread by PurdueGuy about repairing power window switches. But only three of his pictures are working (perhaps because that thread is over two years old). It seems to me that his guide, though, mostly focuses on the passenger side power window switch. He mentions the "express down window," which "does not have these toggles, but a slider. I have not gotten further into the switch to look at how the express window switch is designed." I looked a little bit at my power window switch, and it seems that the switch that controls my driver's side window uses a slider, so I don't think those directions will help me. I've also seen PurdueGuy mention his webpage in a few threads, but that page isn't loading up for me at all.

Sorry if I typed up too much. Sometimes I tend to give too much information. But, I'd greatly appreciate any help. Thanks for your time.

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