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Default Clear Tail Lights 2nd/3rd Gen SC

Anyone looking to have a set of custom made clear tail lights for their SC can now show their interest through the website. I talked to them to see what the possibilities of this type of project were, and they told me they want to see that there is enough interest in the product for them to consider it.

Basically they would be fabricating lenses identical to OEM that could be done in any color you wanted. I'm going for a completely clear lens to cover the housing that has no red in it at all. This is why I do not like the so-called "altezza" style lights because I do not want the red circles they all have inside, I think it makes the entire tail light look bad just because of that part.

I know a lot of you out there cannot stand even the idea of clear tail lights, but my opinion on that is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion as well. If you don't like them, then but all means don't get them. I think that if they are done the right way, they can clean up the overall look of the car just as clear signal/marker lights do for the front end.

If you want to show that you are at least interested in possible production of this product, Klearz wants to see 20+ people go to their Saturn SC project page and input their email address, and then once they have 20+ interested they want 10 small down payments to fund molding the stock lenses.

The lenses would cost $190 once they go up for sale. This is more than even I was hoping to pay, I have to admit, but I've talked to so many different companies out there that do vacuum forming and injection molding that this is actual much lower than anywhere else. Anyone who has the lenses would have to bake off the stock lenses in the oven and apply the clear/colored lens over the housing. There are plenty of DIY writeups online on how to do this though.

I want to hear everyone's thoughts on this project though, and see if we have enough interest to get Klearz started on it. Even if you do not necessarily want to buy them or at least not right away, you can still show interest by including your email so that anyone who is interested can show the company there is enough overall interest. Here is the link to the project page on their website:

..: Klearz :..

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