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Default Snow Tires?

When I bought my SL2 it came with two pretty worn looking snow tires. They sat next to the garage the past two winters as it didn't snow enough to need them. This year it snowed more though and I'm thinking about picking up a set for next season, either on sale or maybe used. Any recommendations for brand and if I should get two or four?

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Default Not sure of brand

As a New Englander who is inundated with snow every winter, I would recommend getting four snow tires if you're going to get them. That way you'll get better traction and the car will ride smoother than if you only had two.
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I have to agree with live2drive here. You should get two and maybe two extra just in case one of the tires you use gets a flat or something happens to it. It always pays to be prepared
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You definitely can never go wrong with some spares, especially if you can get a good deal on them.

Of course, I guess it also depends on how much snow you usually get around your area.

As for myself, we haven't had too much snow for a number of years now. Actually, ice has been more common than snow.
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