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Angry Brake pedal too high

I feel like I must be the only person who has ever mentioned this. I previously had an L200. Really liked the car. Kept it 4 years but obviously loved the look of the Aura even more. (I sold Saturns for 5 years & it's hard not to notice all the cool changes!) Anyway, unlike my L200, the brake pedal is higher than my gas. When means with every stop I must lift up my entire foot to put it on the brake pedal. I have never owned a car that I could not just pivot my heel and press the brake.
Please someome tell me their experiences with this.



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While I haven't noticed your particular observation, I will say that typically I notice my brake pedal appearing to be higher when I have gotten new pads. After they've been broken in, the pedal seems to adjust to a lower height. And then, I'm wondering although I cannot seem to find justification, if it is connected to the new brake pedal effort sensor that is designed to protect against high overload. I don't see evidence of this being utilized by Saturn but it is definitely in the forefront of manufacturers' minds these days.
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