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I'd guess by the amount of IONs that sold many people are happy with them, might be just the opposite for the ASTRA although I like the car alot as stated, but it's lack of power just does not work in the MTNS. The family also has a couple VUE's and an old LW300, and we are happy with those also. Two years with a SATURN dealer?, I bet you know all there is to know. As far as the Redline Coupe goes, had one of those also, would have been a great car had it been a sedan.

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As an SL2, ION3 and Astra owner, I can say that comparing them all is like comparing apples vs oranges. While the Astra has it's shortcomings in power it seems more like lack of torque rather than hp, IMO. However after breaking 5,000 miles in my Astra something funny happened. After talking to others they experienced the same thing. The astra seems to have a very long break in period.

After 5K, the engine takes off from a stop faster, accelerates quicker and in general has really pepped up. I compare the 1.8L of the Astra to the 1.9L SOHC in a '98 SL1, but peppier, like the 1.8L in an older Sentra SE.

In contrast to the ION, the Astra has superior handling and - well, it just feels like a much more expensive car that is made for drivers, as opposed to an ION. The RL ION was a different case, what a great car. I have only seen one LS that was stick with a 2.2L in it, what if THAT had the Supercharged 2.0L in it instead? Whoa.

Had we gotten the Astra VXR here in the US it would have been THE car to have. But then again most people cannot handle that much power and many wold have ended up in ditches or as tree trunk ornaments.

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Well we didn't get a turbo version of the Astra, didn't get a sedan version, didn't a wagon version, didn't get a 2.2L version didn't get a 2.4L version, in fact we didn't get much at all.

It was such a success that GM managed to ship less then 12,000 units to north America before they gave up with it alltogether, the freaking Yugo outsold the Astra in the U.S.
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