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Default How-To: potential New Car Checklist

So there have been many posts on what should one look at when buying an s-series. So here is a check list to use when you are on the hunt The list is long however it is good to use to bring down the price

Year ____________
Model ____________
Mileage _______________
Auto or Manual ____________
Color ____________
Been in any accidents Yes No
Receipts of repairs/maintenance Yes No
Price ____________

Rough idle Yes No
High idle Yes No
Missing/pinging Yes No
Oil color ____________
Coolant color ____________
Oil leaking around valve color Yes No
Windshield washer fluid level Full Low
Leaves near vents on back side of engine bay Yes No
(Indicates car has been sitting for a while)
Fan on/off with A/C Yes No
Engine mount (visual inspection) Yes No
Battery terminal corrosion Yes No

Tire tread Good Bad
Tire pressure (visual inspection) Good Bad
Steel wheels or Aluminum Steel Aluminum
Brake rotors Clean Rust
Alignment (visual inspection) Good Bad

Seat condition Good Fair Bad
Glove compartment Opens Doesn’t open
Radio Operation Yes No
A/C operation Yes No
Heat operation Yes No
Engine temperature High Normal Low
SES Light Yes No
Window operation (all 4 windows) Yes No
Windshield wipers (including spray) Yes No
Window wiper condition Good Fair Bad
Side mirror Operation-Passenger side power window buttons (if appicable) Yes No
Side mirror Operation -Drivers side Yes No
Horn operation Yes No
Upon initial start up all dash lights are lit Yes No
Dimmer operation Yes No

Rust Tons Fair New!
Windshield cracks Yes No
Scratches Yes No
Light Operation (hi/low/signals/hazards/brakes) Yes No

Test drive:
Time elapsed to engine operating temperature from cold start High Normal
Smooth shifts Yes No
Drives in straight line Yes No
ABS functionality Yes No
Rattles High Medium New
Power (doesn’t feel lacking or suffocated) Yes No

Reverse slam Yes No
Idle in gear High Normal Low
Smooth shifts through all gears Yes No
Transmission fluid color _________
Transmission fluid level Normal Low

Transmission fluid color _________
Transmission fluid level Normal Low
Clutch feel Normal High
No movement with clutch pedal pressed Yes No
Easy shift into each gear (car on) Yes No
Easy shift into each gear (car off) Yes No

Vin Checker-Free

When Buying Car Check List_Page_1.jpg
When Buying Car Check List_Page_2.jpg

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