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Default Tune Up Checklist

Tune up’s are important to the s-series cars life. Proper tune ups means a happy car which means a happy driver A lot of you ask what to do, so this should help. For those NEW SATURN OWNERS, I suggest you do this list top to bottom. This gives you a good set up on maintenance and youll be able to answer all of our questions if you have issues.

These do NOT correspond to mileage. This list encompasses what should (ideally) be inspected and changed if needed at every oil change.

ONLY ONCE - Check Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor AND connector (pre 2002) Replace if needed

Every Oil change:
Change oil (every 3K)
Change Oil filter (every 3K)
Clean air filter
Check transmission fluid level
Check power steering fluid
Check brake fluid
Check clutch hydraulic fluid (if manual)
Check windshield washer fluid
Check Windshield wiper blades
Check coolant level and color
Check spark plugs (replace if needed)
Check spark plug wires (especially for corrosion at both ends)
Check for corrosion at coil pack towers
Check battery terminals for corrosion (clean if needed)
Check for oil leaking near valve cover
Check for oil leaking in the spark plug wells
Check tire pressure
Check tire tread depth
Check PCV for rattle
Check vacuum lines
Check radiator hoses for cracks
Check serpentine belt for cracks

I suggest for every 3rd oil change:
Clean Throttle body
Clean Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve (EGR)

I suggest for every 5th oil change
Change transmission fluid & filter (automatics every 15k is recommended)(Manuals can wait till 100k)

Other things to check if felt worthy enough:
Check brake pad thickness
Check rear brakes pads (if disk) (See Richpins video)
Check rear drum shoes (if drum brakes) (adjust if needed) (See Richpins video)
Check Engine Top mount (replace if needed. See Richpins video for check and replacement)

A clean engine is always a good thing. So spend some time under the hood with at least a rag and clean that valve cover and all the other components in the engine bay. Again a happy car = happy driver [IMG]http://www.***********.com/phpBB3/images/smilies/smile.gif[/IMG]

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