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Default 99 Saturn SL2 1.9L DOHC

hi ive got a 99 saturn sl2 that im currently working on as a project car. someday i may turbo it but for now id like to just add some power thru bolt ons maybe 50 horses if that's possible. so far ive added a cold air intake some race wires and a flow master exhaust. i plan to add a high flo catalytic converter and race header in the near future for a little more hp. are there any more parts or mods i can do to add a few more horses besides the turbo setup. any helps greatly appreciated. Thanks alot!

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By a V8 save your money
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Joe's right, and 50hp isn't reasonable unless you use nitrous, and at that point you might as well go 75. You need to be VERY sure that your rings and head gasket are up to the task, or have a spare motor on hand before you start the squeeze.

A Flowmaster exhaust isn't the best you can do for the money, either, especially if the shop that installed it didn't use mandrel bends. A DynoMax Super Turbo muffler will probably flow as well, and let you keep your hearing. A DynoMax Ultra Flo or a Magnaflow muffler will hands-down outperform the Flowmaster. Personally, I don't like the sound of the Flowmaster on a 4-cylinder car, but that's a matter of taste.

A high-flow cat isn't a bad idea, but you should know that all aftermarket cats are "high flow." A $99 universal-fit 2.25" cat from the parts store will flow almost as well as a $300 cat from Random or Magnaflow, though it won't have the nice stainless steel shell. A header is a great idea, and if you can keep it under $300, you won't have wasted any money.

Bolt-on parts will only get you so far. If you want to go fast on the cheap, buy a bike. You can pick up a used YZF-R6 or GSX-R600 for less money than it takes to get a Saturn in the 14s. If you need something quick with four tires and a roof, get a Camaro.
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SLR performance chip, supposedly adds 50hp for $69 guaranteed.
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Originally Posted by geerhed76 View Post
SLR performance chip, supposedly adds 50hp for $69 guaranteed.
Bwahahah!! That's hilarious.

With any Otto-cycle gasoline engine without supercharging, you can estimate it's theoretical peak torque, and torque at any point above or below, by looking at the cam specifications. The stock Saturn cams with stock heads and stock manifolds (even with an exhaust header) will NOT support 50 more horsepower than stock at any point in their power curve, regardles of how the computer adjusts timing or fuel.

The only way to get an LL0 to put out 175HP is to re-cam it and re-shape the ports in the heads, supercharge it, or add N2O. Not that I'm the biggest fan of nitrous, but it's the most cost-effective way. Cams are hard to come by, and head work is expensive. DIY turbo kits are all over the place, but more headache than they're worth. That leaves you with two options:
  1. Get on the bottle.
  2. Buy a different car.
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one item really, NOS
other little things
  1. Bigger fuel injectors
  2. higher pressure fuel pump
  3. bigger throttle body
  4. tuned headers
  5. MSG high preformance ingition
  6. delete the A/C
  7. delete power steating (put on a false pump pulley mounted to a braket and just connect the hoses, the car is so light you dont need power stearing)
When you go turbo
  1. port and polish the head
  2. forged pistons and rods
  3. bore it 0.020 to 0.040 over
  4. preformance cams
  5. bigger exaust
After all that get the car tuned for the turbo and the NOS, that will get you flying

oh and after that get a high preformance transmission, so you dont have to later
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Here's advice I wish I could have gotten ten years ago when I first started playing with Saturns.

First do a tune up. New plugs (I recommend NGK of course), new wires (doesnt matter for what we're doing here) and fix whaetever else is wrong with the engine.

Next buy a used wideband setup for $100 (check ebay and craigslist) and a used Apexi SAFC2 or equivalent for another $100 and tune it. That alone will provide the biggest bang for the buck, (aside from Nitrous or turbo) prolly 10-15whp through the entire RPM range.

Exhaust and intake gains will be minimal, although intakes can be had on Ebay for less than $40 (don't spend more than that). I wouldn't waste the money on exhaust, though I would recommend buying a 91-92 header from the junkyard as they can be had for $50 or less usually. If you dont have emissions testing simply cut the cat off and replace the muffler with a $20 turbo muffler you can get anywhere and call it a day.

These mods here should get you close to 20whp more than stock and only cost around $300-350 and should put you around 120whp or so. I know it doesnt sound like a lot but itll make for a much more fun and peppy car.

You could instead buy a very nice used nitrous system with all the extras for the same price and run a 50-75hp shot. and retain the stock sound, reliability, etc. But thats a decision youll need to make.
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[quote=saturn_man;300549]one item really, NOS
other little things
  1. Bigger fuel injectors
  2. higher pressure fuel pump
  3. tuned headers
  4. MSG high preformance ingition
  5. delete power steating (put on a false pump pulley mounted to a braket and just connect the hoses, the car is so light you dont need power stearing)
ok here is why you are wrong.

1. bigger fuel injectors on a N/A saturn are going to use MORE fuel cause the car to run RICHER when it already runs too rich from the factory. the 19 lbs/hr are more then enough to handle any ammount of power you will make N/A

2. isnt going to do a damn thing, read the previous.

4. again, its an inline 4 buddy. and there are no "tuned" header availible for a saturn. 4-1 or 4-2-1 OBX, pacesetter, 91-92 OEM, SPS, Hotshot. take your pick

5. MSD makes nothing useful for our cars and the stock ignition has been proven over 300whp with a mega squirt controlling timing

6. yes, lets delete something that makes a car easier to drive to gain .25 HP because there isnt enough para static loss to make a difference. and christ, stop with the false pulley ****. if you remove the PS and put a dummy pulley in you havent done a thing considering the motor is still turning a pulley! get an OEM belt for a saturn that came with no PS from the factory.
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