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Default How to Modify Automatic Shoulder Belt to Manual Style?

Hi All,
I have a '94 SL2 and recently the driver's side shoulder strap stopped working in mid-track. The motor began to run in freely for 30sec at-a-time, upon opening and also closing the door. You may see a more elaborate description in this thread.

To avert one day finding a run down battery, I unplugged the shoulder strap motor. Rather than replace the motor and cable, I'd like to retract the cable for the shoulder strap connector to the "rear" position (closest to the B-Column) and use it like a manual style belt.

Initially I was looking for some adjustment screw to retract the cable (some cars do have these), but Ssicarman let me know my Saturn does not have this adjustment.

Since the motor was not helping me anymore, I decided to disassemble it and see if I could access the cable. The screws came out nicely but I needed to drill out the plastic casing in order to free the central bolt's locking washer. Once apart, I found my cable was disconnected (perhaps broken off from its point of attachment inside the motor). That would explain why the motor was running freely without moving the shoulder strap.

With vise-grips I pulled the stranded cable and Voila, the shoulder connector retracts completely to the rear position. However since the cable is broken, it's no longer secured and someday, when it is needed for safety, probably won't hold tight. My next thought is to secure the end of the cable to the car's frame with some stainless steel rope clamps and eyebolt. or perhaps secure & apply tension using a turnbuckle set up.

I'd like to hear from any of you, who have already been down this path and found to a workable solution.

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Someone last night just told me the 1995 S series have the fixed seat belt which will bolt right up to your 94 (the 96 requires cutting/welding though) Pick up a set from a salvage yard.
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