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Default Remove 2004 Ion Rear Door Panel

My wife lowered the rear driver-side window this morning and now it wont close. Not sure of the problem. All the other windows work. When I press the button, I don't get any sound as if the window was trying to move but is getting stuck.

Not sure if its an electrical issue. We are going out of town so I am thinking that this will have to go into the dealer unless I can fix it ASAP.

Is it relatively hard to remove the real panels?

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Welcome to the Board.

I would inspect the wiring harness were it goes from the body into the door. Do this on the drivers door and the door with the inop window. The wires may be broken.

Inner door panel removal.
It has been a couple of years since I have had to so this is by weak memory.

Remove all of the screws. 2 in the door pull. Should be some on the bottom edges of the panel. There are a couple or plastic push clips on the back edge of the panel as well. I can't remember for sure if the panel just pulls out of hold in clips into the door or if it needs to be pushed up to release it off of hold on hooks.
Best thing to do is to pull one of the bottom corners out to see if you can spot clips going into the door frame, they will be a different colour than the panel plastic, or if it looks like hooks. If clips then the panel gets pulled out to release (pull the clips out of the door) the clips.
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Outer door skin ....... remove door handle and all fasteners in the door sill.
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