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Smile Got Headliner Problems ?

I recently decided to try and redo my headliner in my 1995 SL-1. I went to Joanne fabrics.It is a nationwide store that carries fabrics for the folks that like to sew their on clothes and drapes. The best kept secret I have found in a long time is they carry about a half dozen colors of headliner fabrics for cars and trucks. It is the real stuff with the little layer of foam on the backside. I found the exact color for my car.It is a little better than the original headliner cloth in my Saturn. The cloth is heavier and the sponge foam backing is a little thicker. It does an excellent job. not buy the spray adhesive at Joannes. Go to WalMart automotive section and buy the real 3M HEADLINER ADHESIVE. It foams up a little when you spray it on and is a little bit forgiving if you get a wrinkle in the cloth and have to pull it up and reapply it. The only down side is it is expensive. It comes in small cans at around $8 a can. I used 2 cans on my car.
I read the Haynes manual to understand where and how the fasteners worked that held my old headliner in. The little hand grab handle on the passenger side of my SL was different than the rest of the fasteners and hooks.It took an allen wrench to get loose and I had to push the little covering back with a small screwdriver to get it out.Other than that everything came out and went back together in a flash. I scraped the old headliner material off outside on my deck. It makes a mess if it is dryrotted and ragged like mine so you probably want to do that outdoors s well as spraying the new headliner glue back on. The vapors aren't real bad,but if you have children with asthma or a wife that gets migraine headaches like mine might want to do that outdoors on a warm,not windy day.
I won't go into the best technique for spraying and glueing because everybody is different and may have more help than I did...also there are 4 or 5 nice sites on the web that go into it at great length.(I just typed "replacing headliners" in my search function and got a few) I reccomend visiting these sites and looking over your Haynes manual on your car before you start. I folded my cloth in half and sprayed and layed the first half...then rolled the unglued part back over and sprayed and layed it...So there ...i'm not going to say anything else about technique except to say if I can do it...anybody can.
My car is much quiter now on the road and it warms up easier in the winter time since I put the new headliner in. It is also a lot healthier too now that I'm not breathing rotten headliner dust when I drive down the road. Good luck to you and I know you will be much prouder of your car when people get in it with a new headliner.If it is old and ratty inside you might pitch a new pair of seat covers on too..After all that is all we see when we are driving a car.It makes you feel almost like you are driving a new car...almost...

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I also bought Joanne Fabrics headliner. I used Permatex heavy duty Headliner and Carpet Adhesive from Autozone Itm 27828 about twelve bucks. Still looks good a year later.
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