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Default Saturn Vue Clutch Pedal WAY TOO HARD

Ok! Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum! Im new but not new to Auto Repair & Diagnosis. Wanted to get with some of your Saturn experts here on this. Recently replaced a Clutch actuator(located inside of the bellhousing area of a manual transmission) and went to re-bleed the system now have a very very hard clutch pedal. Heres the list of things I checked to make sure everything is good.

*Clutch Slave main line GOOD
*Connection to bell housing GOOD

After the first time bleeding the shaft on the SLAVE CYLINDER would get hard and stuck almost like no flow of fluid or something. So hard that when I went to put my foot on it I broke the connection the slave cylinder and have to replace it. Can someone help me on this? Saturn is a 2.2 L

Clutch will not engage or disenage can freely shift and nothing happens no grinding etc. Can someone explain? THANKS!

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Wish that i could help you. I have done a good number of slaves for leaking and the worst problem that I have run into is bleeding the systems. Vacuum bleeding from the reservior works the best, basicly put the hydraulic system into a vacuum at the reservior until a good pedal is gotten.
The fact that the (assuming as I am not 100% clear) hydraulic line blew at the connection at the trans means you have a problem right at the slave. Unless the line was not set in place properly.
It has been a few years since I touched on of these but as I recall the line from the master has a valve in it so that you can disconnect the line from the slave hook up and not drain the fluid. If the line is not in position properly (or there is a problem with that part of the line) then you would/could get a situation like you have.
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