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Cool Engine oil won't

This sounds weird. My wife is out of town, she drove our 97 SC2. This morning she added engine oil, said it was still above the add mark but she wanted to top it off up to the full mark. She removed the fill cap and poured the oil in using a funnel. She said the oil didn't want to run down into the engine but filled the hole in the valve cover, it took several minutes to go down. Very strange. I have had the valve cover off and replaced the gasket, that was almost a year ago. The engine was very clean under the valve cover. Has anyone else run into this strange thing happening?

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If the oil level was in the funnel and not going down then it maybe that the funnel was sitting flat in the valve cover and only going into the engine because of that, IE well sealed to the cover. If not that then the fill passage in the cover may be blocked.
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I asked my wife if the funnel could have been sitting down against the engine so it wouldn't allow the oil to run in, she said even after the funnel emptied and she removed it, the oil was still in the fill hole and took minutes to run down. Very strange. I just did an oil change on Saturday getting the car ready for her trip and had no issues with the oil running into the engine. Being a cheap s o b I use an old oil quart jug cut about half off for a funnel and that cannot bottom out in the engine. I still think that may be what happened and my wife and her mother just aren't mechanics.
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Mine does this to . Haven't figured it out it looks like its just sitting there you can feel it to but when I pour it doesn't overflow out of the engine. I thought maybe its because I'm running 15w40 but never figured it out. Does yours overflow and spill out or just give the appearance of being full?
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