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Default blown radiator hose

hello my freind,s i have a 2000 saturn ls2 v6 123.000 miles.yesterday driving down orlando florida.temperture was 96.0 ferh.traffic was stop cooling system is as followed radiator and stat is new water pump new all hoses are new,recuilated pump also new and bottle cap is new.the antifreeze was mainly water.boyh fans are running during a/c opeation. what happen was the engine hose blew out.temperture gauge reach center and not overheated yet and engine shut down.can you give and idea was going on.i think is maybe the stat lock up or the water in the is what cause the problem.tell me what you think might be wrong.

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Bad hose or the new rad cap is holding to much pressure and the weakest hose went poof. I would lean more to a bad hose as your temp did not spike before the hose went which would lead to higher pressures.

Bad idea to use more water than 50/50 anti freeze mix.
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Default blown rdiator hose

thanks for responding my man.the hose is new just like all the others.i had forgotten about the yesterday morning i put in fresh antifreeze and coolant in. and so far ok.what puzzles me is it had to be the mix, to weak and boil and blew at the weakest point.i want to thank you for helping confirm.
your feedback means a great deal to me.your are a senior tech with lots of years of expereince.there is no supstitide for expereince.thank you my freind.
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