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Default starter n/g help,please.

I got a 2000 saturn ls2 v6 3.0 126.000 miles got 12v at starter and found is n/g.engine not seize.doe's any one know how to remove this starter i got 2 bolts out but the starter wont there any other bolts i don't see why it won't come i have to remove the exhaust header on bank#1 to pull out the starter.alldata diy saids to turn right and left and should come out but it wont budge.2 bolts out.anyone out there that has done this job that can help me.Thank you for help

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I have never done a starter on one of these engines so I can't help on the removal from the engine compartment.
If it is not coming out of the engine block then it may be seized in place due to corrosion. Some penetrating fluid sprayed at the nose of the starter may help. Pry bar and or hammer may be needed.
The above is assuming that you have checked the replacement starter to be sure that it is just the two hold down bolts.
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Smile starter n/g

thanks for fast c.o.p.d keeps from doing certain jobs. I'm towing the car to the shop this morning. And I believe you are right is seize in there. Thank you again.
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